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Located on the edge of the Rocky Mountains
in Denver, Colorado, USA  


ScanCAD International Inc. is an American corporation that provides a diverse variety of products and services to over 1000 companies in 47 countries. Its Headquarters are located in Colorado, USA. Other offices include sales and support locations in Michigan & Florida, USA and two R&D Development locations in Europe.


Founded in 1990

ScanCAD has successfully integrated low-cost, high-resolution, optical image acquisition platforms with powerful PC-based software to provide easy-to-use reverse engineering, inspection and programming systems used in PCB design, fabrication, assembly and test organizations. ScanCAD solutions eliminate a variety of environmentally damaging processes and dramatically reduce waste and increase yields in all facets of electronics manufacturing.

Unique strategy 

ScanCAD is utilizing commercially available, high resolution, flatbed scanners versus custom made, expensive, high maintenance imaging systems.  This has consistently set new price-performance thresholds for this type of equipment. By taking advantage of the PC and flatbed scanner technology trends, ScanCAD has always provided customers with reliable, upgradeable, low cost and powerful solutions. ScanCAD products are a safe investment. In the areas of PCB Reverse Engineering (Legacy Re-Engineering) and PCB Solderpaste Stencil and Hybrid Screen inspection, ScanCAD has set the standard for the industry and is the market leader.

Recent applications 

ScanCAD's technology into the fixtureless testing, print & dispense inspection, skip mark inspection and component vision programming promise similar benefits to customers. ScanCAD has also branched into the Photo Chemical Machining, PV Solar, Fuel Cell, Textile and other industries with its off-line and inline inspection products. ScanCAD products are available globally through a variety of distribution channels including local manufacturer representatives & distributors in your area.  ScanCAD products are also private-labeled and packaged with other manuracturing equipment through major corporations such as Siemens, DEK, Panasonic, Assembléon, Smart Sonic & Unicraft Japan.


Friendly, Flexible, Innovative & Global  

ScanCAD International, Inc. continues to flourish and evolve to successfully meet ever-changing technology requirements.
All ScanCAD products were developed at the request of its customers, therefore your comments and suggestions are welcome.

ScanCAD Giving Back 

Over the years, ScanCAD made generous donations to various charities including:  The Freedom Center, Mary's Hope Sober Homes, and Made By Surviors. Read more about each group by clicking on the links.

ScanCAD Gives Back

Extension of Pipe Borne Water to Adalekpoe Community


Adalekpoe is a small village in North Tongu District of Ghana’s Volta Region with a population of 270 people, all belonging to the Ewe tribe. The population are farmers, cassava and maize are the main crops. Mafi-Kumase, 7 km from Adalekpoe, is the closest place with facilities like electricity, telephone and shops. During a visit in 2006 Maurizio Albani, a board member of AMURT Italy and ScanCAD employee, saw first hand the dire water situation at Adallekpoe. The women and girls have to trek twenty minutes to the nearest water source; the water was blackish and clearly unsafe. The Adalekpoe people requested assistance to connect them to the Mafi-Kumase water project. The community helped digging and covering 1.85 km of trench. On April 25th 2008, the standpipe at Adalekpoe village was officially opened with a traditional ceremony. The headman poured libation and invoked the deities to bless and protect the village and the water project. The population of Adalekpoe will be forever grateful to ScanCAD International for making possible something that they never thought would be never be able to enjoy: clean and safe pipe borne water!

 View the report


ScanCAD Supports AIDG

In 2007, ScanCAD donated a ScanFAB Auxiliary system to AIDG to help this wonderful organization. The system went to Guatemala to support a hydroelectric project. AIDG MISSION: " One in 3 of us, roughly 2 billion people don't have basic services such as electricity, sanitation and clean drinking water. Access to these services is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries. The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG) helps individuals and communities get affordable and environmentally sound access to electricity, sanitation and clean water. Through a combination of business incubation, education, and outreach, we help people get technology that will better their health and improve their lives. " To learn more about AIDG or to make a donation, please go to www.aidg.org


Common Tables

In 2007, ScanCAD contributed to this wonderful organization that helps close the gap created mostly by ignorance between people of different religion, race and culture through education and group interaction. COMMON TABLES MISSION: " Common Tables offers the world an alternative to bias, bigotry, racism and religious intolerance. Using education and small group interaction, Common Tables lowers perceived barriers and promotes respect for and understanding of those individuals or cultures that are different from our own".


Homeopathic Clinic In Kenya

ScanCAD proudly gives back a percentage of its revenue every year to help where needed. In 2005, ScanCAD was able to completely fund a homeopathic clinic in Kenya. The Abha Light Health Clinic is located in the village of Makutano in the district of Machakos. The clinic is run by Danson Njoroge, a homeopathic doctor. Danson see about 50 patients a month. Due to poverty, many clients cannot pay fully and that causes some financial struggle for Danson. There are not many other health services available in that area since poverty keeps most private doctors away. Since the clinic opened last year with the assistance of ScanCAD International (USA), he has been able to establish it as a base of his outreach programs. He conducts 4 monthly mobile clinics in surrounding villages with about 20 patients at each. Those clinics are at Donyo village at Thika, Nyaani, Machakos and Miodoni, Kitui and Katagini, and Wote. In 2006, ScanCAD hopes to be able to fund a project to bring clean water to another village in Kenya. To learn more about Amurt or to make a donation, please go to www.amurt.net.