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ScanCAD is Hiring.

ScanCAD is hiring!

Are you looking for a unique work environment with new challenges every day? Do you like working with technology, both hardware and software? Are you quick to learn new technologies? Do you like critical thinking and problem-solving?


Introducing the Virtual Classroom

With 2020 being an extremely unusual year, businesses around the world have had to adapt to a swiftly moving global pandemic. Every sector has been significantly impacted by this global event and unfortunately, many businesses have had to permanently close...

Essential Support During COVID-19

ScanCAD International and our key suppliers meet the criteria for an “essential business” as defined by the federal government on March 19, 2020 and will therefore remain operational providing products, parts and services during this current pandemic.

In addition, ScanCAD...

A Letter from ScanCAD

To our wonderful network of ScanCAD customers, sales representatives, suppliers and friends:

Given the ongoing global uncertainty in the wake of the unfolding COVID-19 situation, we felt it was time to reach out and touch base...

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