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Since 1990, thousands of customers in 50+ countries have utilized ScanCAD’s powerful family of low cost, flat-bed scanner based tools. ScanCAD’s advanced scanning and software technologies have been used for process management, inspection and data creation in the electronics, photo chemical machining, semiconductor, aerospace, medical, energy, aluminum extrusion, automotive,  construction, industrial, photovoltaic solar, fuel cell, electrical machinery, textile and military industries. ScanCAD International improves the quality of life for customers, employees and the world by providing high quality, innovative solutions that simplify complex technology in a positive, environmentally-conscious manner while having fun along the way!


Automated Inspection and Measurement Desktop System

Automated Inspection & Measurement

General purpose, low cost, high resolution, color or B&W optical inspection and measurement system designed to support applications in electronics, medical, solar, automotive, research, etc. Inspects 1000s of features in seconds. Provides detailed reporting and SPC data. Inspects features as small as 10 um or 0.5 mil on products up to A2 size or larger.

Stencil and Screen Inspection - Automated Inspection and Measurement System

Stencil/Screen Inspection

World’s leading solder paste stencil & emulsion screen inspection system. Used by both stencil/screen fabricators and users to detect errors BEFORE production, eliminating costly rework, scrap and delays. Supports E-form, laser cut, chem etch, hybrid, & mesh processes, materials and frames.


PCB Reverse Engineering - Board to Schematic

PCB Reverse Engineering

The only system in the world that can take an actual PCB and fully reverse engineer it back to complete mfg CAD data & schematic. Includes the ability to capture precise form, fit and function for all layers of the PCB, including all inner layers with blind & buried vias. Both destructive and non-destructive solutions are offered.



Quality Analysis

Send your prototype boards, flex circuits, stencils, phototools, tooling, pallets, gaskets, leadframes, emulsion screens or other flat parts to ScanCAD for independent verification of features, apertures and surface quality! We use our high-power, NIST-Traceable Calibrated optical imaging system to capture every square millimeter of the part in question and compare it back to the original design data. We can even inspect for foreign or counterfeit elements.

PCB Failure Analysis

Do you have a project board that just keeps burning up? Are there high drain components on your PCB that are just too powerful for the circuit, but don’t know which of your 14 circuit layers is failing? Allow ScanCAD to investigate and precisely locate the point of failure on your complex multilayer PCBs using our proprietary milling and imaging techniques. In many cases, this can be combined with reverse engineering to re-design and strengthen a weak link in a circuit’s design.


Reverse Engineering

Instead of enduring a lengthy and expensive redesign process to maintain legacy electronics, allow ScanCAD to produce the necessary data for you to replace aging components with identical circuit assemblies. We provide a wide variety of formats to support everything from remanufacture of a bare board, to a complete technical data package including support for native industry standard schematic packages such as OrCAD, Altium and more.


IP Defense

If you have a patent design but are concerned that someone may have stolen certain aspects of it, we can partner with you to investigate and support your IP defense. Drawing on 30 years of reverse engineering and data extraction experience, ScanCAD can evaluate a suspect PCB for similarities to your original design, down to the last node and inner layer segment.

Obsolescence Management

As technology matures and ages, so do the individual components utilizing that technology. Over time, it becomes more expensive, difficult or even impossible to source the same components that were readily available when the design was implemented. ScanCAD can partner with you to locate sources for hard-to-find parts, or identify functional alternatives. In the worst cases, ScanCAD can help guide the redesign process to ensure continued life for your assemblies.


Inspection and Measurement

Using our high resolution imaging platform, ScanCAD can inspect and measure everything from Aluminum extrusions to wafer bump stencils with millions of apertures measuring just 15um. We can perform 100% inspection of 2D parts for apertures, absence/presence, size, shape, pin holes, mouse bites, short/opens or alternatively measure a handful of critical measurements. We can support you whether you need to inspect or measure stencils, screens, films, phototools, optical encoders or any other flat parts.



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Trade shows

ScanCAD participates in many trade shows during the year, whether in ScanCAD's own booth or by way of our distributor/OEM.

TPCA 2020
October 21-23, 2020
Taipei, Taiwan
Microsys Engineering Booth # M0314

March 9-11, 2021
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA, USA
Booth #1207

SMTA Dallas Expo & Tech Forum
March 23, 2021
Plano, TX, USA
ScanCAD & Southwest Systems Booth




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