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As you go through the process of vetting a new fabrication process or designing a new product, you have paid attention to detail every step of the way. You’ve likely checked and rechecked every last corner, every note and comment, and every measurement. However, once the project goes off for prototyping and manufacture, there are a whole variety of different processes that occur. How can you be sure that the project was manufactured to spec (i.e., holes, slots, solder mask, legend, copper thickness, plated through hole thickness)? Have you checked every single one of the 1.5 million apertures on your stencil for shape and location? Do all the apertures on the stencil line up with the bare board? Does the sandblast coating on that shiny aluminum extruded part perfectly cover every corner? Do your photo tools have mouse bites or pin holes?

Let us be your second set of eyes. ScanCAD International can inspect your small-batch or first article flat parts to check them against the design data using our calibrated imaging platform. Interlocking or curved parts can be measured at high accuracy and checked for size, fitment or warping. Additionally, we can compare the part, as a whole, to its original 2D CAD. By doing so, dimensional problems often missed when using standalone measurement tools can be uncovered before a part enters a production cycle. We can inspect inner layers of a circuit board for registration, characteristics of apertures on a stencil, distance, absence, presence and many other factors culminating in a comprehensive quality report of your product. Our quality analysis service will help to ensure that the product you ship is in perfect alignment with the product you designed. 

For the last thirty years, we have supplied the world’s leading solder paste stencil inspection platform, emulsion screen inspection platform, and circuit board reverse engineering platform. Let us leverage our extensive cross-industry expertise to help you ensure that the quality of your products meet your expectations.

Solder Paste Stencils

Our bread and butter has been stencil inspection for many years, and our software has many powerful functions tailored specifically to this application. ScanCAD’s imaging platform is able to inspect millions of stencil features simultaneously, checking for size and shape, blockages and debris — or even check PCB to Stencil misregistration.

ScanCAD International

Circuit Boards

There are many reasons why a PCB can fail, and multilayer PCBs are subject to problems that may be invisible to the human eye or that may not present themselves during basic connectivity testing. For single, double or multilayer PCBs, all layers can be inspected for solder mask and silkscreen misregistration or overprint, drill misregistration, breakout or shorting, solder shorts, acid traps, shorts or breaks in the circuits, solder mask misregistration or overprint, or stencil defects. This analysis can also identify weak spots in multilayer circuits that may not be found until the product fails while in use.

Using specialized lighting and imaging techniques, ScanCAD can also inspect surface finish or conformal coating quality and coverage, and identify issues with over or under spray or other manufacturing defects.


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Trade shows

ScanCAD participates in many trade shows during the year, whether in ScanCAD's own booth or by way of our distributor/OEM.

November 16-19, 2021
Munich, Germany
GS Electronic Booth B3-101
KARO Booth (Russia) B2-201

DMC 2021 
December 12-16, 2021
Denver, Colorado
ScanCAD Booth #501

December 21 - 23, 2021
Taipei, Taiwan
Microsys Engineering Booth

Semicon Taiwan
December 28 - 30, 2021
Taipei, Taiwan
Microsys Engineering Booth I3020

IPC Apex 2022
January 25-27, 2022
San Diego, California
ScanCAD Booth #1201


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