Let’s face it, AI is the future of the electronics industry. The value of this tool is that it will allow for the automation of automation, giving mankind a new tool in our ever-growing toolbox. AI operates, generally, off of a “neural network” platform. Neural networks allow for decision-making based on input parameters that are determined by many revisions of the AI model seeking some user-established goal.

Modern Digital Chips are generally not the best tool for Neural Networks. Since each calculation inside a chip is intensely mathematical, the system will tend to get buried in data with slower response times.

However, analog components, when placed in parallel and series arrays (i.e., neural networks) have nearly instantaneous outputs with no calculation lag! Each output from the neural network can be measured as an output voltage over the entire circuit using Ohm’s Law. Allowing the chips to focus on answers from the neural network, not the calculations within it. This is a major advantage over using purely digital processors.

ScanCAD has seen a major uptick in PCBs that support neural networks. Some of these circuit cards have 50k+ passive components mounted on a single board. This brings to light a new, massive industry problem: how does one populate a board like that?

PCBs are not perfect! Even with the extremely tight tolerances found in modern electronics, errors are always present. Generally, the biggest problem this causes with board population is that the original stencil file will be skewed from the production run(s).

ScanCAD services can quickly and effectively create pad Gerber for custom stencil generation. This allows for a much cleaner mounting of components and massively decreases manufacturing failures. Cleaner component mounting also leads to increased quality, longer product lifecycle and more peace of mind for critical infrastructure.

If you are having trouble getting your latest AI PCB assembled, reach out to ScanCAD International today for a quote. With our incredible feature placement accuracy, we are confident we can get you actual placement data for your board, promptly.

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