This series continues with an introduction of Ercan with Ateron from Turkey.

What is unique about you, what you do and how you connect with our clients?

Company Ateron Ltd. is established in 2011 and is growing up since ten years. We do not have a big team but we have a competent 7 members. Me especially grow up and study in Germany Electrical Energie and Automation technologies. We do represent World known companies within EMS Branch such as Göpel Electronics with their AOI, SPI or AXI Systems and Automation Branch like Aerotech Inc. with their high precision technology Stages.

We are approved manufacturer for Fixtures like Wave Soldering Pallets, Selective Soldering Pallets, SMT Process Carriers, Depaneling Fixtures, Screenprinter Block Supports, etc., we can 3D design and machine from Plastic to Titanium many kind of material and provide innovative solutions tailored to customers request for special purposes. Within Turkey, there are only a few companies like us. Today Ateron Ltd delivers worldwide and has also a Distributor in United Kingdom, which are doing the sales within UK. We are not unique, but the job we do and the partners we work with are unique.

Beside our website, we were participating at shows in Istanbul before pandemic, are monthly member of some magazine for advertisements and we also use Linkedin for advertisement. I think LinkedIn is a really good platform to reach out to many customers, to inform frequently or hold them up to date. Before the pandemic crises we were visiting customers each month one week in Ankara, one week in Istanbul. Nowadays we do not have a chance to do so, but we are in contact with them by online sessions. Presentations about our own products and represented products are made at such visits/sessions. According to customers interest we change the direction to that product and go deeper.

As finally I need to say, that we are not a company sitting in a skyscraper and acting from there. We are a company, which touches the ground.

 Tell us about your years of experience and background.

As mentioned I have studied in Germany and came to Turkey in 2006. Since that time I have started at Vestel Electronics as Maintenance Engineer for SMT Equipments such as Screenprinter, Pick&Place Machines, Optical Control Systems, Reflow Ovens, Wave Ovens were in my responsibility. After this experiences at Vestel, I was managing a foreign company Sparks UK, which was manufacturing laser cutted SMT Stencils. Today I am going on with our own company.

Since 2006, I am in the EMS, Defense & Military Branch.

What is unique about your business? What sets you apart?

As I have tried to explain above, we do not want to do what everyone can do and we do not want to sell what everyone can sell. We do manufacture special parts with special efforts and we do represent unique product companies. Due to grow up in Germany, we try to hold the German discipline and Professional ethics in our company.

Share a bit about your team members and the territory in which you work.

We are 7 members of the team. Two are responsible for manufacturing, three are resposible for sales, after-sales and customer support, and two are managing the company. The managers are the jokers for all positions.  We do work with well educated personal from this sector.

The city IZMIR is located at the Middle-West side of the country, the population is about 5 million. It is an advantage for us to live in this city, because we still can reach home within 15 minutes  where Istanbul is very crowded and it is not possible even to complete a job because of traffic if you need to go out. This is one of our advantages in IZMIR. Also we do have many possibilities at the beach side and healthy air.

A look ahead: hopes for 2021 and beyond

After my research, as I have contacted SCANCAD for the first time many years ago, I was sure that your products will fit well in our territory. Most of the companies get waken nowadays for your products.

Also the same issue, I had with Aerotech, as we get the distribütor partnership we had an electrical heater in our Office as the manager of Aerotech vistied us. Luckily they were not looking at the environmental conditions, but to our potential.

The pandemic has slown down the investments for the last year, but I expect that against the end or at the beginning of next year, companies will start to invest again.

Not only for SCANCAD Products, but I expect a grow up, at our own products, Göpel X-Ray Systems and Aerotech Automation Products.

How has the pandemic informed and shaped your approach to business?

To be honest, we were not really affected from the pandemic. We were not one day closed. Our machineries were not one day stopped. For that reason we see that we are on the wright way. I can say that some ongoing sales actions were suddenly stopped because of missing budgets, but anyhow overall situation was not bad.

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Learn more about Ateron’s offering: Ateron-Fixtures 2021 Brochure-Eng

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