What Is ConvertPLUS?

It is a full-featured, CAM software solution, capable of handling the toughest job. Includes a seamless interface to ScanCAD inspection products.

Eliminate those costly revision iterations, improve time-to-market, and increase overall design quality before data has even left the design stage.

Feature Highlights

  •  Special macro specific to convert Gerber files to ScanCAD-ready files for import.
  •  HyperNETLIST Extraction can generate netlist information for even the largest of designs in a matter of minutes.
  •  Import Wizard that loads ALL industry formats (Gerber, Drill, Mill, HPGL, DXF, and more…).
  •  Intelligent Data Transfer with ODB++, ODB++ (X), and IPC-2581 included in select bundles.
  •  Database Navigator provides quick and easy access to all necessary information without the need for menus or toolbars.

Basic Features


  •  Single file, 32-Bit “Intelligent” Database Structure High Speed Graphics
  • 999 Layers, 9999 Apertures
  • Integrated Printing
  • Polygon Support (Intelligent Raster Fill, POEX/POIN, G36/G37)
  • Compositing (Pos & Neg Merging, Paint & Scratch)
  • Import Wizard (Detects Gerber, Drill, Mill, HPGL, DXF, and Other Formats. Converts Aperture Tables and Reads Automatically)
  •  Automatic Aperture and NC Tool List Converter (Rules Based)
  •  Gerber 274D and 274X Import & Export
  •  MDA AutoPlot Import (Fire9XXX, Cymbolic Sciences)
  •  Barco DPF Import
  •  NC Data Import (Support for Excellon, Sieb & Meyer)
  •  DXF Import & Export
  •  HPGL, HPGL/2 Import & Export
  •  ODB++ Import and Export (Support for Valor and Frontline) Solutions)
  •  OffSpring Import and Export (Support for IPC-2581)
  •  PostScript Export
  •  Bitmap Out (Windows BMP, B&W, Color, up to 1000dpi)
  •  IPC-D-350 Export
  •  Editing Capabilities (Move, Copy, Delete, Rotate, Mirror,etc,.)
  •  Adding Capabilities (Flash, Line, Arc, Circle, Rectangle, Polygon, Text, and More)
  •  IPC-D-356 & 356A Netlist Import and Export

Analysis Features

  •  Browse Errors Directly from Navigator (Quickly Step Through Violations, Repair, and Check-off)
  •  Copper Area Calculation (Fast and Accurate)
  •  Graphical Find Duplicates (Quickly Locate and Remove Duplicate Data Objects, such as Flashes, Draws, and More)
  •  Graphical Layer Compare (Compare Any Two Layers Quickly and Accurately; Browse Differences Through the Navigator)


Macro Scripting Features

  •  Powerful Macro Developer (Drag-and-Drop Capabilities and More)
  •  Load, Run, and Record (Support for Start-Up, Shut-Down, and On-Load Macros)
  •  Support for “Nested” Macros (Embed Macros within Macros) Integrated Debugger (Watch Points, Stops, Step-Thru, etc.)

Advanced Features


  •  Database Navigator (Quick Access to Layers, Apertures, Netlists)
  •  Custom Aperture Editor (Build Special Pads, Logos, etc,.)
  •  Object Level Polarity (Work with Pos & Neg Data on the Fly, Eliminate the Need for Composites)
  •  Layer Sets (Define Layer Sets for Blind & Buried Vias and MCM Stack-Up)
  •  Interactive Data Grouping (Group Objects Together for Fast and Easy Editing)
  •  HyperNETLIST Extraction (Supports SMT, Thru-Hole, Blind & Buried, and MCM)
  •  Interactive Draw-to-Flash Conversion
  •  Draw-to-Custom Conversion (Convert Drawn Graphics into a Custom Aperture)
  •  Raster-to-Vector Conversion (Convert Raster Fill Polygons to Vector Fill for Older Plotters)
  •  Silkscreen Clipping (Clips Silkscreen Away From Pads)
  • Composite-to-Layer (Flattens Composite to a Single Positive Layer)
  •  Pad Removal (Isolated or Redundant)
  •  Tear-Dropping (True-Shape and Snoman)
  •  Layer Spread (Tile All Layers to Single Sheet of Film)
  •  Layer Scaling
  •  Merge Multiple PCB Files
  •  Automatic Draw-to-Flash Conversion (Convert All Layers at Once, Use Mask Layer as Guide, and More)

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