What Is the Clamshell Option?

The Clamshell Option is a Value-Added Tool to help with the optical inspection of stencils with very small and/or dense apertures.  This high-quality and versatile unit is an optional accessory for ScanCAD’s ‘ScanSTENCIL’ & ‘ScanINSPECT’ stencil & emulsion screen inspection products.

The Process

The operator simply places the stencil on top of the scanner glass and closes the lid. The operator can control which light(s) will be used for the scan:  top only, bottom only or both.

Why Use the Clamshell Option?

  •  The ability of controlling the light source (top/bottom/both) is a very powerful feature that allows the operator to choose the correct lighting for the stencil or screen being scanned.
  •  When using the Clamshell Option with only the top light ON, the operator can inspect stencils with very small/dense apertures while also being able to detect micro pin holes, something that is not possible with standard scanner lighting hardware.
  •  When using the Clamshell Option and keeping the lower light ON, the operator can then inspect step-etched or other features.
  •  The Clamshell Option is designed to accommodate large stencil sizes as well as stencils with and without frames.

Benefits of the Clamshell Option

  •  Accurate: Good quality images with control of light source for accurate inspections
  •  Powerful: Unique top light-only option is mandatory for inspection of very small apertures & pin hole detection
  •  Fast: Reduces process time
  •  Flexible: Small or large stencils, in or out of a frame
  •  Easy: Quick & Simple operation
  •  Clean: Designed for “clean room” operations

Technical Specifications and Requirements*

The high-quality Clamshell option is fabricated in Japan to ScanCAD’s specifications and requires that a ScanSTENCIL or ScanINSPECT system be installed.

Clamshell Unit:
Width:   40.5 in   (130 cm)
Depth:   32.5 in   (82.55 cm)
Height:  13.0 in   (33 cm)
Weight:  70 lbs   (31.75 Kg)
Maximum Stencil or Screen (frame) size:
35 in (88.5 cm) X 35 in (88.5 cm)

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