Reverse Engineering

The only 100% accurate and proven process

Need digital data? Lost your CAD-generated design & fab files? Need a schematic for repair? Need to re-engineer a legacy board to data that has exact FORM, FIT and FUNCTION? ScanCAD offers all the needed products and/or services to complete the total re-engineering of a populated PCBA all the way back to Netlist & schematics!

Instead of enduring a lengthy and expensive redesign process, allow ScanCAD International’s Service Bureau to produce the necessary data for you. The process of image capture in B&W, Gray or Color through the conversion of raster to vector data followed by several quality control steps and finally the output in a wide variety of formats is all done in a logical, intuitive and well-designed platform.

With our services, you’re guaranteed:

Quality. Security. Benefits.



How is quality assured? Quality results are the #1 priority of ScanCAD’s Service Bureau. That’s why each job processed by our service technicians undergoes a detailed quality check (“QC”) procedure. During the QC process, the Quality Control Team uses a variety of automatic verification functions to eliminate pad “double-hits,” verify inner-layer pad alignment, ensure track connections and confirm that all Gerber & Drill files have been generated correctly. Each job processed by our Service Bureau must be certified by the QC-Team before it is released to the customer!


An added security feature of ScanCAD’s Service Bureau is that complete copies of all jobs processed are stored on-site for five years. If a disk is accidentally erased or misplaced, ScanCAD’s service technicians will immediately send you another copy of your completed job together with all documentation!

ScanCAD also offers optional, independent Netlist validation of reverse engineering work using state-of-the-art bare board test equipment.


Maintain & support legacy electronics

Supply production with required CAD fabrication data (BOM, Gerber, Drill,Route, Netlist and schematic) to create spare parts.

Ability to provide full independent validation of recreated Netlists, even in cases where only a single PCB remains.

Improved board quality: Verifiable inner-layer pad, tooling hole and board edge/profile alignment.

Full Gerber editing functions to modify any design, if necessary.

Prevent phototool deterioration by storing images in digital format.

Eliminate old phototool archives

Store multiple copies of designs on disk, both on and off-site

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Trade shows

ScanCAD participates in many trade shows during the year, whether in ScanCAD's own booth or by way of our distributor/OEM.


Productronica India 2019
September 25-27, 2019
Delhi, India
SCB Interconnection Solutions Pvt Ltd Booth

SMTA Expo & Tech Forum 2019
October 23-24, 2019
Guadalajara, Mexico
USM Booth

Productronica 2019
November 12-15, 2019
Munich, Germany
GS Electronic GmbH booth

DMC 2019
December 2-5, 2019
Phoenix, Arizona
ScanCAD booth #714

IPC Apex Expo
February 4-6, 2020
San Diego, CA, USA
ScanCAD Booth #2719




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